BLYC Communications Update

BLYC Communications Update

Greetings fellow BLYC members!
We have some exciting improvements that we are ready to share with you, and we need your help to make them a reality!

  1. New Board of Governors email addresses
    Effective immediately, each Governor and Commodore have unique club email addresses that replaces the use of their own personal addresses for club communications. This will significantly help with overall communications, improved security, and ensure historical information is not lost as board members transition to new roles throughout the years. Please use the following club addresses for all communications with the Board of Governors:
  2. Sign up for electronic communications!
    With well over 600 members in our club and growing, the cost of printing and mailing communications is expensive, always increasing, and slow/unreliable. We have several ways to reduce these costs while at the same time improving timeliness and accuracy, but we need your help:
    • Electronic statements are now available! Deana has done an amazing job testing e-statements and we are ready to switch over from paper/mail!
    • Switch to the electronic version of the monthly Log!
      Printing and mailing of the Log is expensive and time consuming, help us contain club expenses by switching!
    • Sign up for the weekly electronic news update.
      If you aren’t receiving the weekly electronic club update newsletter, you are missing out!

What we need from you:
Click here to take a moment to update this form and we will make the needed updates for you!

Thank you for your help in keeping our expenses to a minimum while improving our communications!

– Bob Hegedus, BLYC Communications Governor