Bill Rosebraugh Memorial Trophy

The Rosebraugh Memorial Trophy is to be presented to the Most Improved Skipper in the BLYC fleet.

Although it has gone unawarded for several years, it is hoped to return this trophy to active status.

Bill Rosebraugh was a neighbor and good friend of BLYC for many years.  The trophy was started by Mr. Rosebraugh’s grandson in his memory.  Mr. Rosebraugh himself was an honorary member of the Club for many years.  He enjoyed watching his grandson and others in the weekly sailboat races.  Always encouraging and supporting his grandson to improve and get better, this trophy is named in his memory.

1965 Dean Volmer 1977 Bob Zeiher
1966 Bill Reynolds 1978 Dick Loesch
1967 Greg Fisher 1979 Tom Erickson
1968 Larry Hanawalt 1980 Terry Ottenweiler
1969 Jim Boudrie 1981 Tom Eisert
1970 Bob Mann 1982

Marty Headlee

1971 John E. Moore 1983 George Zuckovs
1972 Matt Fisher 1984 Chad Headlee
1973 Ed Metzgar II 1985 Richard Bemis
1974 Dan Roshon 1986 Bill Kumler
1975 Mike Hein II 1987 Dick Godfrey
1976 Gordon Forster 1988 Frank Foster IV