The following are the basic requirements for application to the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club:


  1. Complete the membership application form (This form can be requested below.)
  2. One sponsor and seconder, who have known the applicant for at least one year and are Active Members in good standing of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, must write a letter of reference or complete a sponsor's questionnaire.

  3. The application must be signed by two members of the Board of Governors.

  4. A picture must accompany the application form.


    SECTION I. (a) Determination of eligibility and election to membership in the Club shall be by action of the Governors taken by the concurring vote of not less than two-thirds of their total number after the posting period as provided in paragraph (b) of this Section.

    (b) The Secretary-Tresurer of the Club, hereinafter call the Chairman Membership Committee, upon his recipt of an application for membership accompanied by the required fees and dues as provided in Article V hereof shall post on the Club bulliten board the name of the applicant together with the class membership desired, name of Member or Members recommending the applicant and the date of said receipt of the application. Such posting shall remain in effect for a period of at least thirty days before the applicant shall be acted upon by the Governors.

    (c) A Guest Card as provided in Article VI hereof shall be issued by the Chairman Membership Committee to each applicant for membership upon the former's receipt of the application accompanied by the required fees and dues. Such Card shall entitle the applicatint to Guest Privileges as provided in Article VI until Governors shall have acted upon the application.

    (d) If and when an applicant has been elected to membership, the Chairman Membership Committee shall notify the applicant by providing a Membership Card properly executed as provided in Article V hereof and if and when an applicant has been rejected, the Chairman shall notify the applicant in writing returning the application together with an amount equal to the full amount of the fee and dues which accompanied the application.

  6. A check for the initiation fee, one years dues, and $1.00 for I-LYA must accompany the application.



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