The following Frequently Asked Questions/Good Things to Know are provided to help you enjoy our Club and its activities. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our Club Manager at 740-929-9941, visit the Club website at or ask the Club Manager, staff, or any Club Officer for assistance.



How do I contact BLYC?




Mailing Address: 5019 North Bank
  P.O. Box 867
  Buckeye Lake, OH 43008

Phone Numbers: 740-929-9941
  740-929-2123 (fax)


Social Media:

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When should I contact BLYC?


Contact the Club to make a reservation for dinner or for a party. Reservations significantly contribute to our effort to provide you with a level of prompt and quality service that you should receive in a private club environment. In other words, just like a host preparing for a dinner party at home, it is always helpful to know how many guests are coming and when they will arrive. Your consideration is appreciated in making reservations whenever possible.


Also be sure to contact the Club with change of address information, billing questions, or with the names of any potential new members you would like to share.


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What days and hours are the Club open?


Please refer to the Log, our monthly newsletter, for specific and seasonal operational day and service hours. In general, during the summer, the Club is open on Wednesday through Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday. Winter hours are reduced and published in the Log.


Operational hours are also posted on the windows at the Club, and on the website.


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How will I get to know other members, and how will they get to know me?


One of the main reasons people join our Club and get involved in activities at the Club is to meet new people and enjoy the fun and friendship that our Club has to offer. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to any member you encounter - we were all new at one time. And don't be surprised if members introduce themselves to you.


During the application process, the application and photo of potential new members are posted on a bulletin board in the main dining room. Photos are also published in the Log when possible. Odds are other members will know and recognize you from the application process.


Our special events are a wonderful time to share a meal and fun activities with fellow members. Wednesday and Friday evenings also are popular times with members. Come out and be a part of the fun!


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Who/What are the Board of Governors? What is the Board of Trustees?


The Board of Governors is responsible for managing the budget and overseeing day-to-day operations of the Club. The board is made up of members like yourself, who ran for election during our Porch Picnic in September. They are volunteers and serve a two-year term.


The Board consists of nine members. Three members are the Flag Officers - The Commodore (the head of the board and the Club during his one-year term), Vice Commodore (typically Commodore the following year), and the Rear Commodore. Their flags fly on the nautical mast and yardarm next to the American and Ohio flags during the summer months.


Six other Governors also serve on the Board and, along with the Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore, each serves a specific role. Available duties include:


Bar & Kitchen House & Grounds
Communications Junior Training
Docks & Rentals Membership
Entertainment Race & Regatta


One of the Board members is selected to serve as Secretary and gives the Treasurer report on behalf of the accounting firm retained by the Club.


The Board of Governors holds its meetings in the evening of the second Thursday each month in the Commodores' Lounge. Typically, the Board of Trustees also attends.


The Board of Trustees is comprised of Past Commodores (there are no "former" Commodores; once a Commodore, always a Commodore). They advise the Board of Governors and serve primarily in a budgetary management role for the five years after serving as Commodore. The most senior Trustee is referred to as the Head Trustee. A Past Commodores' flag is flown on our mast and yardarm under the Flag Officers' flags.


Photos of the current Boards of Governors and Trustees are located in the Fireplace Room. Former board photos are in the Commodores' Lounge.


The Board of Governors deals with a number of issues that affect our Club and you, and they welcome your input and suggestions. You may send your comments to the Club at the address listed above, or you may email Governors individually by visiting the Club website,


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What is the Log?


You should receive your first copy of the Log with your new membership packet, and then every month thereafter. Please contact the Club if you are receiving the Log each month.


The BLYC Log is a monthly newsletter that shares important information about activities and issues at our Club. The Commodore and Governors contribute articles each month about their areas of responsibility. Upcoming activities and other useful information are also included.


Keep your copies of the Log handy! Not only will they keep you up to date on what's happening at the Club, they are a wonderful scrapbook of good times too. In fact, odds are your photo will be in the Log at some point.


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As a member of BLYC, can I visit other yacht clubs?


Yes. BLYC is a member of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA), which entitles you to guest privileges at all I-LYA Clubs as well as many others throughout the country. Be aware, however, not all clubs offer reciprocity. BLYC is also a member of Yachting Clubs of America (YCA).  There is a YCA book available at the bar that lists other yacht clubs throughout the country that will honor your BLYC membership to one extent or another. The I-LYA flag is also flown on our mast and yardarm.


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What is the Auxiliary? What does it do?


BLYC was originally founded as an all-male club. Male members' wives and first maters soon organized the Ladies Auxiliary. Today, BLYC membership is open to both men and women, but the Auxiliary continues under the name BLYC Auxiliary.


The Auxiliary meets once a month and plans activities that support our Club financially and in kind. The Auxiliary has elected officers and requires a nominal annual dues. It also sponsors a number of events at the Club, including the Children's Christmas Party and the Children's Easter Egg Hunt.


Fundraising is an important function of the Auxiliary. A showcase containing articles of BLYC clothing, apparel and other items with BLYC interest are available for purchase. Funds generated through the sale of Auxiliary showcase items are used to purchase enhancements for the Club as deemed appropriate by the Auxiliary and approved by the Board of Governors.


CLICK HERE to find out more about the Auxiliary online.


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What are the various rooms in the Club used for?


Rooms within the Club and selected exterior areas have names. Here is a brief overview.


The Fireplace Room is the main room with the fireplace (of course). Most events take place in the fireplace room. The Fireplace Room is also used for dining on most occasions.


The Bar area was traditionally called "Gob's Mess". (CLICK HERE for an explanation of the name)  The Bar was remodeled in 1996 to include a wooden boat bar top made from 30-year-old Honduran mahogany (donated by Bud & Zenna Sayre). The walls of the Fireplace Room and the Bar are paneled with rare wormy chestnut.


The Dining Room is located west of the Bar and Fireplace Rooms. It has a sunroom decor with a tremendous view of the lake.  This room was remodeled in 2007.


The Commodores' Lounge, located on the east end of the Clubhouse, is a place to relax, read, play cards, watch TV, and have meetings. Although named to honor all of our Commodores, the room is open for use by all BLYC members.


The Upstairs is our second floor that is not currently used for member functions or activities. The men's restroom and shower is at the top of the stairs. A gameroom for children and teens is also located upstairs, as well as our Junior Sailing room. The Club and Manager's Office also is located on the second floor.


Outside the Club we have the Pool and Pool Bar area, the Porch, Patio, Food Tent area, Guest Docks, Race Shack, Covered Docks, the Bridge, and the Gate (donated by the Commodores Association).


You will hear members also refer to a couple of other areas that are separated from our Watkins Island home. Eastport is our boat storage yard between Route 79 and the lake. Eastport is gated and has a hoist for putting in and taking out boats. Eastport also is the name given to our Club docks in from of the boatyard (east of the Club and down the tow path to the east from the Club).


Also east of the Club is a docking area known as Area 8, which is located in front of Sayre Brothers Marina.


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What is Work Day?


At the seasons change, the Board of Governors and members traditionally get together the third Sunday of April (Spring Work Day) and the third Sunday of October (Fall Work Day) to perform many tasks that are required to ready the house and grounds for the coming season. There are jobs available for all skill levels, so come on out and take pride in making our Club shine!


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What are the Annual Meeting and Semi-Annual Meeting?


Twice each year the Board of Governors and the general membership meet to review the Club budget, discuss Club business and vote on pertinent issues. Members are given the opportunity to bring issues forward for the good of the Club, or to call for discussion on matters that they feel need to be considered or heard by the board or general membership.


The Annual Meeting is generally held on the third Sunday in September. This date corresponds with our Club elections and a free Porch Breakfast served and provided by candidates for the board. The meeting starts at 2:00 p.m. after election balloting has concluded. The meeting culminates with the successful candidates for the board being announced, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore selections (as voted by the board), and Governor responsibility assignments for the coming year.


The Semi-Annual Meeting is generally held on the first Sunday in May. The meeting starts at 2:00 p.m. The budget year (to date) is reviewed for the first seven months of the fiscal year, operations and reviewed and other issues are discussed.


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When will I be billed for my annual dues?


The Club's fiscal year starts in September. However, the Club's membership year begins in February. You will receive an invoice in early January for dues and other membership fees. Your prompt payment is very much appreciated.


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When does the Pool and the Pool Bar open?


Weather and mechanics permitting, the pool opens in late May. The pool remains open as long as weather permits, typically closing the first or second Sunday in September.


The Pool Bar (and grill service) is generally available during pool weekends and on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the week. However, specific days, dates, and hours are determined by the Bar & Kitchen Governor and the Club Manager.


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What is the Antique Wooden Boat Show?


The Club has many traditional events and parties, but one of the most popular is our annual Antique Wooden Boat Show. This event is a tribute to our heritage of power boating and is usually held on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in mid-August. An incredible collection of classic wooden boats from across the Midwest are on display, and a spirited contest for various awards takes place.


More information on this year's boat show can be found online by clicking HERE.


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What is the Snowball Regatta?


The Snowball Regatta signals an end to our Club sailing season, and is a favorite event for sailors throughout Ohio and surrounding states. Held in early to mid-October, the event spans Saturday and Sunday and features sailboat racing in several one-design and handicapped classes, evening entertainment, and lots of great fun.


More information on this year's snowball regatta can be found HERE.


A brief history of the Snowball Regatta can be found HERE.


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What activities take place at the Club during July 4th?


Certainly the most popular weekend at the Club is July 4th. Activities are planned throughout the holiday, including a spectacular fireworks display over the lake with BLYC front and center.


However, on July 4th itself, our Club has its own special slate of activities. The day usually begins with the annual Junior Sailing Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser followed by the kickoff to the celebration with a formal flag raising ceremony by the Past Commodores and Board of Governors coinciding with a military jet flyover an patriotic music. A porch picnic and long-distance sail race follow the ceremony. As always, check your Log for a complete listing of activities during the holiday.


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What are some of the other events that take place at the Club?


It is a long list, but here are just some of the fun and festive activities that you can expect to see each year.

  • OSU Football Tailgate Parties (each game day)
  • Snowball Regatta (October)
  • Halloween Party
  • Adult Christmas Party
  • Children's Christmas Party with Santa
  • Good Neighbor Christmas Party for local Buckeye Lake children
  • New Year's Eve Party
  • Speakers Series (Thursdays throughout the winter)
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Chef Matt's Cooking Classes (Sundays throughout the winter)
  • Snowbird Dinner (Fort Myers, Florida in January or February)
  • Sweetheart Dance (Valentines Day)
  • Steak and Wine Nights
  • St. Patrick's Day Party
  • Easter Dinners/Children's Easter Egg Hunt
  • Auxiliary Auction
  • Chef Matt's Gypsy Dinner
  • Semi-Annual Meeting (May)
  • Commodores' Ball
  • Mother's Day Dinner
  • Memorial Day Porch Picnic & Long Distance Sailboat Race
  • Sunday Sailboat Racing (May-October)
  • Commodores' Steak Fry (June)
  • Father's Day Special Menu
  • Junior Sailing Classes (June-July)
  • Junior Sailing Regatta
  • July 4th Celebration, Porch Picnic, & Long Distance Sailboat Race
  • Luau (New Member Recognition Night)
  • Auxiliary Style Show
  • BLYC Car Show
  • BLYC Golf Outing
  • Commodore Bob Dye Poker Run
  • Labor Day Long Distance Sailboat Race
  • Meet the Candidates Night (September)
  • Election and Porch Breakfast (September)
  • Annual Meeting (September)

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Prepared by Governor Dave Stewart, 2006

Updated 5/2008 (SGH)

Updated4/2013 (SGH)