The Commodore Chris J. Lambrecht Cup is awarded to the overall best of season winner in the PHRF fleet for the summer racing series at BLYC. Started the summer of 1999, the Cup honors Past Commodore and long-time sailor, Chris Lambrecht. Even into his 90's, Chris sailed and remained active in Club activities. A true inspiration and proof that sailing is a lifetime activity, the cup encourages friendly competition within and between the fleets racing at BLYC.

Commodore Christian J. Lambrecht - 1939


Originally, the Cup was intended to be open to all crewed classes at the Club but is now dedicated to the Club's most active fleet - PHRF (Cruising).  Competition for the cup is open to skippers in the fleet. In order to qualify, a skipper must complete a minimum number of races, at the helm, to qualify for two of the three "series" (Spring, Summer, Fall) that comprise the season.

The Lambrecht Cup is presented annually to the overall winner in the fall.



Commodore Chris J. Lambrecht Cup


1999 Bill Reynolds Cruising Class  
2000 Bob Snow Cruising Class  
2001 Chuck Bendig PHRF  
2002 Bob Snow PHRF  
2003 Nathan Owen Thistle  
2004 Bill Reynolds PHRF  
2005 Walter S. Grubb Thistle  
2006 Bill Reynolds PHRF  
2007 Chuck Bendig PHRF
2008 Bill Reynolds PHRF
2009 Bill Reynolds PHRF
2010 Bob Snow PHRF
2011 Don Harris PHRF
2012 Bob Snow PHRF 
2013 Bill Reynolds PHRF
2014 Bob Snow PHRF
2015 Not Sailed  
2016 Not Sailed  




Spring, Summer & Fall Series


To increase participation, beginning with the 2013 season, in addition to the overall Lambrecht Cup, we began breaking the season into separate "series" as well.  In order to qualify for the Cup, a skipper must have also completed the minimum number of races to qualify in two of the three series.


  Spring Summer Fall
2013 Bob Snow Bill Reynolds Don Harris
2014 Bill Reynolds Bob Snow  Bob Snow 
2015 Not Sailed Not Sailed Not Sailed
2016 Not Sailed Not Sailed Not Sailed