P/C Gayle Fisher-Mulvey, President

P/C Tim Ryan, Secretary

P/C Mark Russell, Treasurer

P/C Greg Miller, Steak Nite Chairman



 The BLYC Commodores Association is an organization of Past Commodores of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.  The purpose of the Association is to support the Club and the current Board in their activities.  The Commodores Association raises its money through the annual Commodores Steak Nite which is a highlight of the summer season at the Club.


The Commodores Association helps support the Club through donations; primarily assisting the Board of Governors in Capital Improvements to the facility.  Recent donations by the Commodores Association have helped to improve our Club, including;


Refurbishing of all pictures in the Commodores' Lounge
All picutures were digitized, refurbished, and reframed - 2014

Remodeling of the Upstairs Mens Room

Construction of new steps on the east end of the porch

Construction of the iron entrance gate on the towpath




Commodores Association Meeting - August 2010


Photo Credit - Greg Miller, 2010

Front Row: Fred Wright ('97)

Second Row: Don Harris ('10), Frank Foster III ('83), Steve Schilling ('94), Al Wing ('93)

 Third Row: Ray Kent ('07), Marque Debenport ('95), Frank Foster IV ('98), Greg Miller ('92)

Fourth Row: John Geiger ('04), Joe Campbell ('08), Mike Jacobs ('85), Howard Clark ('00)

Back Row: Ed Ballenger ('82), Steve Harris ('05), Mark Russell ('06)


Photo Credit - Greg Miller, 2006

Back Row: Nick Desantis ('01), John Sproat ('96), Jim Thompson ('03), Jim Shriner ('02)

Fourth Row: Fred Wright ('97), Steve Harris ('05), Tim Maite ('99), George Conrad ('90)

Third Row: Marque Debenport ('95), Ed Ballenger ('82), Jim McBride ('91), Dick Wolf ('84), Frank Foster III ('83), Mark Russell ('06)

Second Row: Steve Schilling ('94), George Fisher ('58), Howard Clark ('00), Mike Jacobs ('85), Greg Miller ('92)

Front Row: Al Wing ('93), Don White ('86), Eddie Gaiser ('89), John Geiger ('04)

Photo Credit - Greg Miller, 2006

Pictured from Left to Right:

Mark Russell ('06), Fred Wright ('97),Steve Harris ('05), Frank Foster IV ('98), Gus Schell ('51), Frank Foster III ('83),  Steve Schilling ('94), Jim Thompson ('03), Mike Jacobs ('85), Marque Debenport ('95), Bob Boehm ('88), Howard Clark ('00), Nick Desantis ('01), Greg Miller ('92)



Commodores Picnic - 1969

Front Row: Bob Irwin ('38), Chris Lambrecht ('39), George Crites ('45), Ed Metzgar ('69), Kyle Armstrong ('47), Gus Schell ('51), Newt Davis ('53)

Back Row: Bob Mann ('54), Ernie Wilson ('55), Art Schwoerer ('56), George Fisher ('58), Russ Lieberman ('59), Dwight Haggard ('60), Earl Williams ('61), Claude McGinnis ('63), Paul Holstein ('65), George Offenberg ('66), David Cox ('67), Dale Dupler ('68)