New Membership Temporarily Paused


With the increased activity at Buckeye Lake, we have had a banner membership year.  The Board of Governors has temporarily paused new memberships while we evaluate the current situation and how we might best serve all of our members.

If you are interested in joining BLYC, we are still interested in having you join us.  Please fill out the Online Membership Application.  The Governor in charge of Membership will be in contact with you to make arrangements to place you on a waiting list.

Seawall and Docks Project Update

In an effort for full transparency to the membership regarding the current status and planned improvements of our seawalls and docks on Watkins Island, we share the following documents.

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Member-Owned Business Information

We are building a member-owned business database!

We are putting together an online directory of member-owned businesses for members who wish to do business with fellow club members.  Participation by the business is completely voluntary.

Member Business Owners:
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