History Archives

Founded in 1906, BLYC has a long, extensive history. The BLYC History Department is endeavoring to collect and archive as much historical information as possible and make it available for your viewing, both online and in the Library at the Clubhouse.

In 2008, then BLYC Historian, P/C Frank Foster, IV, began an effort to digitally archive much of the information available at that time. With the assistance of his secretary, Nealie Weiland, member Dwight Joseph, and P/C Steve Harris, dozens of old issues of the Log along with many old photos were scanned and made available online in December of that year. In the years since, P/C Steve Harris has searched out additional resources along with history related articles from the Log by P/C Foster (Historian 1985-2011), P/C Limes (Historian 1978-1983) and himself (Historian 2011-present). We are happy to share these resources with you here.

We are in the process of archiving literally thousands of old documents, photos, and other memorabilia of historical significance. If you would like to assist in that effort, please contact P/C Steve Harris.

Books about BLYC and Buckeye Lake…

Story of Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

This book by Commodore Kyle Armstrong (1947) was published in 1956 as a part of the BLYC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. It details the first 50 year’s of the Club’s History. The entire text has been digitized and is being made available online thanks in great part to Commodore Frank Foster, III and his secretary, Debbie Bright, who painstakingly digitized and proofread this copy.
Commodore Armstrong was a active, amateur historian who wrote not only about the history of the Club, but also wrote An Appreciation of Buckeye Lake, a book on the history of Buckeye Lake, and spent countless hours taking depth measurements and mapping the lake. Without his efforts, much of our early history would be a mystery. An effort is currently being made to reprint this book and make both a print and e-book copy available for purchase to support our preservation efforts.

An Appreciation of Buckeye Lake

This book, written and published by Commodore Armstrong in 1952, details the development of the lake from swamp to canal reservoir, to the heydays of the 1950’s as the “Playground of Ohio.” Currently under copyright, a digital copy is not available. Original copies donated by Commodore Armstrong to BLYC are available through the BLYC History Department for a modest donation.

An Illustrated History of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

Written by BLYC member Dr. Tony Lisska as part of the Club’s Centennial Celebration in 1906, this book is available in print from BLYC Auxiliary.

The Story of Buckeye Lake

This book, written by Joseph Simpson in 1912, details much of the early history of Buckeye Lake and its development.

History Articles from the Log…

“Did You Know?”

From 1978 through 1983, Commodore Howard “Whitey” Limes (1972) served BLYC as it’s Historian. During that time, Commodore Limes frequently contributed articles to the monthly Log of historical interest. Several are reproduced here. An attempt is being made to reproduce as many of these as possible, as time permits. Check back frequently.

“The Way We Were”

Commodore Frank Foster, III (1983) served BLYC as Historian from 1985 through 2011. In that time, he has done much to help preserve our rich history and make it available to all members. Below are linked some articles that Frank has contributed to the monthly Log. An attempt is being made to reproduce as many of these as possible, as time permits. Check back frequently.

“Looking Aft…”

Commodore Steve Harris became our Club Historian in the fall of 2011, following the retirement of Commodore Frank Foster, III from the position. As articles are written in the Log, they will be included here.

The Log…


We currently have a fairly extensive digital collection of the BLYC Newsletter, The Log, available. Efforts are being made to locate and preserve more. If you have copies of the Log not in the archive, please contact P/C Steve Harris so that they can be included here.

Other Articles about BLYC…


an effort is being made to gather and digitally archive as many other historical documents about the Club – newspaper & magazine articles,articles from I-LYA and other Yacht Clubs, etc. If you are aware of other source material that may be of interest but not currently in the archive, please contact P/C Steve Harris so that they can be included here.

BLYC Document & Photo Archives…

While not all of these can be easily made available online, we are making an effort to digitally archive the available historical documents and photos for members’ access and research. The inventories of what has been archived will be made available online and can be accessed by contacting the BLYC History Department