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Yachtsmen Meet and Form a Club This article appeared in the Ohio State Journal on April 25, 1906 – the day after the first organizational meeting of what would become the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club Ohio State Journal, 1906
May 7, 1906 Articles that appeared in the Columbus papers the day following the first meeting of the newly-formed Buckeye Lake Yacht Club on Orchard Island Ohio State Journal, 1906
Columbus Citizen, 1906
History of the BLYC This was taken from the 1975 Inter-Lake Yachting Association yearbook. It was in this year that our own Commodore Gus Schell served as the Commodore of I-LYA. Author Unknown, 1975
BLYC Juniors Bring Top Sears Trophy Home In 1977, the BLYC team of Willy Petersilge, Dan Roshon, and Dan Dressel won the most coveted of US SAILING Championships – the Sears Cup RC Carl Petersilge, 1977
The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club Inland Seas, the Journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society, published this article about BLYC in their Spring 1993 issue Samuel A. Jaeger, 1993
Oldies-But-Goodies Float Their Boats Columbus Dispatch article from 1998 about the BLYC Classic Boat Show and Gus Schell’s recently-restored 1948 Chris Craft Sedan, Margus II Eileen Dempsey, Columbus Dispatch, 1998
The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club Trophy Originally a trophy donated by BLYC to the annual I-LYA Regatta, the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club Trophy is now awarded for the Mills Trophy Race – the annual overnight, long-distance race from Toledo to Put-in-Bay P/C Ronald Gabel
Toledo Yacht Club Historian
Sailing Buckeye Lake Although sailing at Buckeye Lake isn’t exclusive to the Yacht Club, much of the history of sailing here is tied to our history. This article, which first appeared in the 2013/2014 edition of the Buckeye Lake Area Tour Book published by the Chamber of Commerce was authored by our own P/C Steve Harris P/C Steve Harris, 2013
History of the BLYC This article appeared in the 2014 yearbook of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. It was this year that our own P/C Steve Harris served as Commodore of I-LYA. P/C Steve Harris et. al., 2014