Racing Rules Weekly Quiz

Each week this season, we will offer a “quiz” question regarding the Racing Rules of Sailing.  Read the scenario below, formulate your answer, then move your mouse over the box to reveal the correct answer.

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This Week's Question

True or False? You can be penalized if you do not avoid contact with another boat, even if you have the right of way.


TRUE - Rule 14 states, “A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible.” As a right-of-way boat, you can be penalized under this rule if you did not take action to avoid contact and the contact causes damage or injury.

This quiz was borrowed from the Inland Lake Yachting Association‘s #FairSailing initiative 
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Racing Rules Weekly Quiz

Each week this season, we will offer a “quiz” question regarding the Racing Rules of Sailing.  Read the scenario below, formulate your answer, then move your mouse over the box to reveal the correct answer.

Need further explanation?
something we can discuss on the porch on Sunday.

This Week's Question

Boat Q, a doublehanded trapeze boat, wins the race. On shore, Q is listed as OCS on the score sheet. Q makes a scoring request to the race committee and is told that, though her hull was not over the starting line, her crew’s head and shoulders were on the course side of the starting line when she went out on the trapeze seconds before the starting signal. Q requests redress. You are on the protest committee: how do you decide this?


Boat Q is entitled to redress under rules 62.1(a), Redress, and 64.3, Decisions on Redress. She should be scored in her finishing place. The definition Start says that a boat starts: “…when, her hull having been entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line at or after her starting signal… any part of her hull crosses the starting line from the pre-start side to the course side.” Q’s hull is entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line at the starting signal and therefore she starts correctly. It is immaterial where her crew’s body is at the starting signal.
This quiz was excerpted from Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes available from US Sailing. For a comprehensive explanation of the rules, read Dave Perry’s Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2024, which is also available from US Sailing. Permission to reprint this quiz for non commercial use is granted by the author.



Once again this year, BLYC will host the kick-off regatta for the I-LYA Junior Traveler Series.  This regatta will attract nearly 100 youth sailors from around the Lake Erie region to compete on Buckeye Lake.

As with any large event, it will take an army of volunteers to put on a great event and show our guests everything that Buckeye Lake and BLYC have to offer.  It’s a great time, fun to be a part of, and something you can do to support our next generation of boaters.

to sign up for a slot


Contact Gov. Stephanie Dolan
for more information

Registration is OPEN


Registration for the 2023 BLYC Sailing Season is now open on Regatta Network.

or on the image above to visit the event website for the Notices of Race and to register for the 2023 season.

NOTE – this one-time registration of $75 registers you for all three Sail on Sunday/Lambrecht Cup Series (Spring, Summer, and Fall) as well as the three Holiday Long Distance Races, and the new Mother’s Day and Fall Foliage Series.  Series scores will be calculated separately outside of RN and published on the BLYC website.

Mills Race Registration is Now Open!

Toledo Yacht Club, Storm Trysail Club, and the Mills Trophy Race Committee invite you to the 99th Mills Trophy Race June 9-11


Toledo to Put-in-Bay June 9-11, 2023

Registration for the 2023 Mills Trophy Race is now open and we hope you will join us for the 99th edition of the race and associated activities. Information about the race can be found in the Notice of Race. Please read it carefully, for any changes from previous years.

The Race
Courses for the 2023 Mills Trophy Race will remain the same as 2022. The rating bands, however, have been changed. JAM and PHRF (150 & above) may compete on the President’s Trophy course, while PHRF (147 & below) will have the option of sailing either the Governor’s Cup course or the Mills Trophy course. Multihulls will sail the Mills Trophy course.

In addition to PHRF scoring, ORC certificate holders may also opt to be dual-scored. This option is only available on the Mills Trophy course and requires a minimum of 6 boats for flags and a trophy. If you wish to participate, enter your certificate # on your registration, submit a copy of your certificate, and add PHRF/ORC dual scoring to your registration fee.

Special Pricing
Register and pay by May 8 to receive special pricing.

Safety at Sea
Of special note are the safety-at-sea requirements for the 2023 race. The US Sailing Online Coastal Safety at Sea course satisfies the requirement for SER 4.3.2. The form for documenting compliance with the Crew Overboard Recovery Drill is available on the Mills Trophy Race Yacht Scoring registration site in the document section.

Mills Masters
If you have sailed 25 or more Mills Trophy Races, and are not currently on the list, please send an e-mail to Mills Trophy Race describing your participation. Skippers and crew are eligible for this designation.

Storm Trysail Club
The Old Sam Trophy is awarded to the best finish by a skipper that is a member of the Storm Trysail Club. Please indicate your affiliation with STC in the Yacht Club field along with your yacht club affiliation.

More Kids On Sailboats
To continue to grow the sport of sailing on the Great Lakes, More Kids On Sailboats (a 501(c)(3)), will recognize our multi-generational Mills Trophy Race crews with their new annual award, the #MKOS 1st to Finish flag. The flag will be awarded to the first boat to cross the finish line, regardless of course, with two (2) or more kids on board. A “Kid” is any crew member under the age of 18 at the finish of the Mills Trophy Race. The flag will be presented to the kids of the winning boat at the flag ceremony on Sunday morning.  Also, the skipper will be recognized for their efforts to continue to grow the sport of sailing. Sailing takes great communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and grit. Let’s help our youth grow into strong leaders by promoting these skills.

2023 Mills Trophy Race Party
On Thursday, June 8, Toledo Yacht Club will once again host the Mills Trophy Race Party. Join us for refreshments, entertainment and a chance to socialize with other racers. As always, dockage is available at the yacht club for all registered boats beginning the weekend prior to the race.

Post-Race Party
The members of the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club will be our hosts for the post-race party on Saturday afternoon; the perfect opportunity to celebrate or commiserate! Wristbands can be purchased with your registration for $20 and includes admission to the tent, refreshments and entertainment.

Friends of the Mills Sponsorship
Events such as the Mills Trophy Race, rely on advertisers and sponsors to supplement the registration fees paid by the sailors. If you would like to show your support in a special way, please consider a Friends of the Mills Sponsorship.

For more information on the Mills Trophy Race, visit our website.

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US Sailing Releases Report on Bermuda Race Sailor Overboard Incident

Bristol, Rhode Island (October 27, 2022)— Following the tragic incident that occurred during the running of the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race, US Sailing, at the request of The Bermuda Race Foundation, Inc. as the organizing authority for the race, in conjunction with the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, convened a panel of experts to study the incident.

After an extensive investigation, US Sailing has released a report on the incident. The report details a factual summary of the incident, key conclusions and a set of recommendations based on the learnings from the incident to help make the sport of offshore racing safer.

The full report can be found on the US Sailing website here.

US Sailing would like to thank the family of Mr. Golder, the crew of Morgan of Marietta, the Cruising Club of America, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, The Bermuda Race Foundation, Inc.  and the technical experts for their assistance in the investigation.

US Sailing’s condolences remain with the family and friends of long-time US Sailing member Colin Golder.

US Sailing routinely conducts independent reviews of sailing accidents.  Most of these come at the request of the US Coast Guard.  These reviews conducted by panelists assembled from US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Committee have improved safety guidelines for racing, communication between sailors and race organizers, and training for race officials running offshore races.


Snowball Regatta Recap

Thank You David Luttenberger

For creating and sharing the following video recap of the 2022 Snowball Regatta

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Sailing Instructions Posted


The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for next Saturday’s Annual Snowball Regatta have been posted to Regatta Network.

You can access them by clicking here.

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