Dale Lawrence Trophy

The Dale Lawrence Trophy is presented to the BLYC Gun Club member with the high individual average for the shooting season.

This trophy went unpresented for a number of years.  Any information on the trophy and/or missing scores would be appreciated.

1966-67 Charles Carroll 1975-76 Jim Sherrard
1967-68 Bob Richards 1976-77 Bob Preston
1968-69 Zane Sherman 1977-78 Don Wilson
1969-70 Steve Michaelis 1978-79 Howard Limes
1970-71 Bob Preston 1979-80 Chris Lambrecht
1971-72 Bob Preston 1980-81 Bob Zeiher
1972-73 Bob Baughman 1981-82 Bob Zeiher
1973-74 Lou Cartwright 2004-05 Lee Glenn
1974-75 Lou Cartwright