Masters Cup

This trophy no longer exists at the Club.  Additional information about this trophy and missing results would be appreciated.

The plaque is missing on the 3rd Place cup – these results are all lost.


YEAR 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1958 George Fisher
1959 George Fisher
1960 George Fisher
1961 George Fisher Jud Ortman
1962 George Fisher Jay Limbaugh
1963 George Fisher Tom Davis
1964 George Fisher Bob Mann
1965 George Fisher Jim Dressel
1967 Marty Headlee
1969 Jim Dressel
1972 Matt Fisher Charles Moyer
1973 Ed Metzgar II Charles Moyer
1974 Dan Roshon Charles Moyer
1975 Willy Petersilge Lonn Moyer
1976 Bob Hudgins Willy Petersilge
1977 Willy Petersilge Steve Beeson
1978 Willy Petersilge Lonn Moyer
1979 Mike Hein II Walter Grubb
1980 Dan Dressel Russ Crist
1981 Matt Fisher Tom Eisert
1983 Mike Hein II Tami Headlee