Commodores’ Steak Nite

Commodore Steve Harris – July, 2015

Since the 1960’s, each summer, the Past Commodores of BLYC, don their summer whites and get together for an evening of grilling and fun at BLYC.  Sounds like an exclusive event, doesn’t it?  Not at all.  The purpose of Steak Nite is the same today as it has always been – to provide the members with a good meal and good entertainment at a reasonable price while raising some money for the BLYC Commodores’ Association.  In fact, it is the only fundraiser we do.  All of the monies raised go directly back into Club improvements.  Over the years, the group’s projects have included remodeling the upstairs men’s restroom, purchasing the metal entrance gate, and helping to preserve our history by restoring and reframing the pictures in the Commodores Lounge, to name a few.

Originally, it was called the “Commodores’ Steak Fry” and, in the early years, the Commodores would bring their charcoal grills from home, set up on the front lawn, and cook for the members.  Back then, regular restaurant service wasn’t available at the Club.  The Steak Fry was a unique treat.  Exactly when it began is unclear, and the event has changed some over time.  But, it’s been an integral part of the Club, and one of our great traditions, for many years.

Commodores Lowell Frost & Earl Williams – 1964

Commodores are indeed a unique lot and come from many, varied professions.  While we certainly have fun when we get together, we also realize that none of us are chefs by trade.  Although it is called the Commodores’ Steak Nite, Josh and the BLYC kitchen crew do the real cooking.  We assist, swap stories, and add to the evening’s entertainment in our own unique way.  As in the beginning, the Commodores are there to provide a fun, affordable evening for the members and give back, in some measure, to the Club we love.

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