The West Porch of the Clubhouse

Commodore Frank H. Foster, III – February, 1985

Have you ever sat in the west dining room and looked west across Buckeye Lake?  Did you ever wonder what the same view looked like about 71 years ago?  Like the Commodores’ Lounge, the west dining room was once a porch.  The left photograph is dated August 19, 1914 and looks west.  The lake looks the same, the trees are are many and small and the column of the porch is identical to those now on the front porch.  The railing appears to be wainscot like the type found in the upstairs of the club.  The floor was wood and so was the furniture.  It would be interesting to stand outside the club and see if the present very large tree still standing on the island is one of the trees in the photograph (Editor’s Note – Jan-2017: the tree to which P/C Foster refers was removed in 2003 due to disease and decay).  It probably is.  The other photograph is marked with the same date.  I will need someone to tell me what it shows.

These photographs were received by Governor Greg Alspach when he was Log Editor.  They were sent to him by Mrs. M. F. (Ruth) Howard.  My sincerest appreciation.  I will retain these photographs for future display.  If others of you have old photographs around the lake and especially of the yacht club, I would appreciate any copies.

I am please to report an offer from a strong supporter and former Governorof the yacht club to provide of copy of Kyle Armstrong’s book The Story of Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.  Since this book has been out of print for 25 years, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to have a copy to make available in the future historical display  It will, of course, be chained to a large iron cannonball which will be charged to explode if it is removed from the club house.  I hope we don’t lose too many members that way.

(Editor’s Note – Jan-2017: A copy of Kyle Armstrong’s book is available in the BLYC Library.  You are free to read it in the Library.  Please DO NOT remove it.  A digital copy is available in the online archives.  We hope to make a second printing of the book available in the near future.)

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