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Buckeye Lake Conditions

Did You Know?...

As the season approaches, it seems like social media is blowing up with posts about boating conditions at Buckeye Lake – some of it good, but also some of it critical.

Did you know that you can always find the latest lake conditions on the BLYC Website?

to visit our “Lake Conditions” page

Where you will find up-to-date information on current water depth as well as current and forecasted wind conditions.  Plan your outing and Stay Safe BLYC!

Sailing isn’t Scary!…

– by Steve Harris

... or at least it doesn't have to be!

Recently, I’ve been very excited by the renewed interest in sailing at Buckeye Lake and at BLYC in particular.  The last time we saw this kind of renewed interest was about 20 years ago.  Following the lowering of the lake and other factors, its not surprising that interest fell off, but WOW!  It’s great that so many people are now interested in learning more and getting involved.

Most of our sailing activity at the Club has tended to focus around racing.  Given that fact, its easy to see how some may find sailing a bit intimidating – the terminology, the rules, sailing the boat in tight quarters near other boats…  It can all be a bit overwhelming to the “newbie.”  Reflecting on this, I recalled a video series from the early 80s that I used to watch repeatedly as I was preparing to teach sailing as part of the high adventure program at the summer camp I worked at in college.  While I had some experience sailing as a child, I wasn’t at all confident about it.  Someday, I’ll find that old VCR tape and digitize it (the clothing is certainly dated, but the principles of sailing never change!)  It was a very convenient way to learn and review and I think many new to the activity would find it useful.

While attempting to find the video online, I came across this “Your First Sail” online course from the American Sailing Association that does a very good job with the same introductory learn to sail instruction that I found so helpful in that old video.  Although most of my involvement in sailing in recent years has been with US Sailing, it’s important to remember that they aren’t the “only game in town.”  US Sailing is more focused on the racing aspects of sailing, whereas the American Sailing Association is geared more towards the recreational sailor.  Both are great resources and, I believe, their goals and efforts compliment each other well.

So… whether you’re a “rank newbie” or have some experience and just want to brush up on the basics, this is a great 30-45 online course that will help get you started and maybe build some confidence and excitement.  (I did it – it’s well put together) BLYC sailors are an open, friendly group and, certainly, you’ll find someone here who is happy to help you put your newfound knowledge and enthusiasm to work on the water – just show up and ask!  We race every Sunday starting May 16 and our weekly (Friday) “Grow the Sport” sailing experiences will also start in May.

See you on the water!

Fleet Launch Day – May 1

Race and Regatta for November

Join your fellow BLYC sailors on Saturday, May 1st.  We’ll all work together and get the boats rigged and launched in preparation for the beginning of the Spring “Sail on Sundays” Series and Fleet Blessing – Sunday, May 16

to RSVP to Fleet Captain David Paligo or for further information

Gybing an A-Sail

– by David Paligo

It appears that several BLYC teams want to fly spinnakers this year, either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. Many have been asking about “How to Gybe an Asymmetrical Spinnaker”… there are two ways, an inside gybe and an outside gybe. Here is a YouTube that shows how to do them. I’ll let you decide which method is best for you & your crew. Be sure to practice both.

US Sailing Member Benefits

Did You Know?

As a member of US Sailing, you get discounts from a number of boating-related companies.  From 15% off at West Marine, to a discount on your BoatUS dues, to 25% off Hobie Polarized Sunglasses, there are many discounts available.

If you’re a member, click the image above to view these benefits, already included in your membership

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