Junior Bay Week 2018

It’s been a busy summer of sailing – so busy that it’s been some time since we put up a SLOG post.

The most recent happening was the I-LYA Junior Sailing Championships at Put-in-Bay – Junior Bay Week.  This year, the BLYC team consisted of five juniors – Matthew Davis, Oliver Krajewski, Katy Schroeder, Susannah Schroeder, and Olivia Smith – and our coach, Michael Davis.  Over 35 BLYC members were up for at least part of the week supporting our juniors and many also helping with the regatta.  4 days of GREAT sailing weather in the Lake Erie islands and a whole lot of fun.  This was the final year of eligibility for Matthew, Oliver, and Susannah.  They have represented us well through the years!

Here are some  pics from the week:

Our Team – Matthew, Susannah, Oliver, Commodore McEntire, Michael, Katy, and Olivia
Team BLYC at the Awards Banquet
Matthew & Oliver getting ready to go race
Katy, Coach Michael, Olivia


Coach Michael and Governor Mike on the safety/coach boat


Greg, Commodore Rose, and Governor Bruce enjoying their time on the island


Evan and Mark at the picnic


Katy sailing into harbor after a long day of racing