Spring Series Results

Congratulations Chuck Bendig and the crew of Big Girl

Although the season got off to a slow start with zero wind on May 24th, we were able to race the other 4 Sundays of the Spring Series and got in a total of 10 races.  Chuck Bendig and the crew of Big Girl got off to an early lead on the 31st, winning two of three races, then taking both line honors and the win in both races on the 7th.  The race was on for second place!  After a number of position changes in the series standings over the next couple of weeks, David Paligo and the crew of Runaway were able to edge out Wes Cartwright’s Fair Wind for second.  Complete standings are shown below.  The Summer Series starts this coming Sunday, July 5.

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SOS – Spring Series – Sunday, May 31

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Temperature: 68°F
Humidity: 40%
Wind: NE 9 knots, gusting to 15-18
Course S-1-2-F (Windward/Leeward)


Big Girl #8492
Fair Wind #836
Reflection #70
Rosebud #15708
Amarillo #766
Runaway #1049
Wind Blown #67
RS Zest (Junior Race Team)

Congrats to Chuck Bendig, s/v Big Girl, on winning the first race of the day on corrected time and taking home the “Rabbit Flag” this week.

A great day of club racing on Buckeye Lake!  Perfect temperatures and wind conditions.  This was an amazing way to start the season with 8 sailboats going to the start line.  All three races went by with a whirlwind of activity.  We had to ask the RC which direction we were starting as the winds were very shifty and the fleet was unsure.  The RC did an outstanding job of setting the course given the conditions.

We need to be thankful that BLYC was able to hold these races as many yacht clubs are on lockdown, limited by social distancing, number of crew allowed on a boat, or minimized schedule due to COVID-19.

Our PRO (Principal Race Officer) Steve Harris has developed a new, online scoring system for BLYC racing.  Corrected times, finish places, and points post within 5-10 minutes of the end of the race.  The race results and corrected times are posted below.

to view the full series results online


Memorial Day Long Distance Race

Commodore Edward C. Metzgar
Long Distance Race
Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2020

Temperature: 82°F
Humidity: 56%
Wind: SSW 4-6 knots, decreasing to 0

Course: S-1-2-F (Windward/Leeward)

Team Runaway #1049
Team Reflection #70
Team Big Girl #8492
Team Rosebud #15708
Team Tan-Tar-A #174
Team Scarlet #14960 (Forest City YC)

The Pre-Start:  This was the first Long Distance race of the year, three of the six boats entered had only launch the day before. Our skippers meeting was the usual type to discuss the course, light air conditions and scoring. It was decided we were racing JAM (no spinnakers) as all of us still had the winter rust and cobwebs to shake out.     

The Race:  Race Committee gave us a great start sequence, 45 seconds before the starting horn, the wind just totally shut down but Tan-Tar-A squeezed through the start and Runaway was trapped with no wind & no steerage and wave action forced us to touch the mark, there was not enough wind to even make our 360 degree penalty turn. After about 10 minutes, no one else was able to get across the start line so RC hoisted the N flag, abandoning the race, for more info take a look at https://www.currysupply.com. Finally, around noon the N flag was lowered and then re-hoisted over A – all races started are abandoned, no more racing today.

Post-Race Commentary:  Today’s race would have been great for our club as everyone needed to get outside due to the Covid-19 self-quarantine and social distancing. We want to thank RC for a great job and we talked about how we should have had our Fleet Chaplin, Father Mike “Pray for Wind”.

SOS – Spring Series – Sunday, May 24


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Temperature: 82°F
Humidity: 62%
Wind: SW 3 knots, gusting to 0

This is a repeat of opening day SOS 2019… AP over A is not the best way to kick off the 2020 Sail-On-Sunday series, but the 2020 BLYC Sailing/Racing Season has officially started with the renewed Spring, Summer & Fall schedule.

At 1300 hours, we opened the season with a blessing from our Fleet Chaplin Father Mike. With the lack of wind, RC made Boulder cleaning services prices and the announcement at 1330 that all racing was cancelled and encouraged everyone to enjoy the porch, the food and social events of the evening.

Big thanks Dublin Business News Monthly and bih thanks go out to all who are working hard to make 2020 Sailing/Racing happen. Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate!

Junior Sailing Camps Expanded for 2020!

Junior Sailing Camps Expanded for 2020

NEW CAMPS are being offered!!!  Coaches Susannah and Katy Schroeder are expanding the camp offerings this summer (See Below).  Also, we are increasing Class Size to 15 Sailors. 

Online Registration is already open for the Beginners camps in June.  Registration for the new classes will be up on Monday May 18.  Fees are not due until the first day of camp and are $200 for Members and $300 for non-Members.

We are working to create a safe, fun and educational experience for all of our sailors and will follow the guidelines mandated by the State listed here.  https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/static/responsible/Day-Camps.pdf 

Session 1
June 8-12

Session 2
June 22-26

Session 3
June 29 – July 2 (4 days)

Session 4
July 6-10

Session 5
Race Team
Must be at least 12 years of age
July 13-17


The news the past few weeks has been tough on our youth sailors at the Club.  Junior Bay Week has been cancelled for 2020 and at least the first half of the Travelers Series has been cancelled as well.  But…


We’re going to race right here at Buckeye Lake this year.  As a part of the weekly Sunday Series, we are including a “Juniors Dinghy Fleet” open to all youth sailors under the age of 21 – Optimist, Laser, 420*, FJ* – race the dinghy you’re comfortable in or want to learn more about and you can compete for your very own “BLYC Junior Championship” Trophy (details to be determined).  All boats will be handicapped using Portsmouth Yardstick calculations.

* guidelines are still being evaluated.  It is possible that only singlehanded boats will be allowed

For more information,

for the NOR & SIs for the Sunday Series

Spinnaker Know-How

Want to Learn to Fly a Spinnaker?

Hey fellow sailors,

I hope everyone is doing well. If you’re like me, you look for any opportunity to be outside. I’m going to be at the BLYC Eastport docks Saturday (5/9/2020). A number of you have expressed interest in knowing how to learn engine repair manual and how to fly a spinnaker (kite). If you’re interested and available for a hands-on (at the docks) demo, come by at 1:00 Saturday and I’ll cover:

  • Setting up the boat for a spinnaker 
  • How to do an end-for-end gybe in six steps
  • How to pack a symmetrical spinnaker

We will be practicing social distancing so please bring your face mask.

David Paligo – Race & Regatta

Home Alone Regatta – April 14, 21, & 28

April 14 – Week One of our first ever “Home Alone” Regatta was, by all accounts, a success.  We had a bit of a learning curve using Facebook to answer the 22 questions, questions, but overall it went quite well with 11 participating “skippers” and, for most of the evening it was tight “race.” Congratulations go to Gayle Fisher-Mulvey who took “line honors” for the evening and is off to a strong lead!

April 21 – Week Two was a great night for Everyone. Again, P/C Gayle Fisher-Mulvey dominated the competition. Although she has a commanding lead, the competition is still tight with a tie for Second place and Fourth place just one point behind them. We
had a lot of fun again this week with our “Home Alone” Regatta. 

We had several participants and some more members who were following along just to learn.

April 28 – Week Three After 20 tough questions from our PRO, the Champion of the Inaugural BLYC “Home Alone” Regatta…

Winner of the respect of all BLYC sailors and unlimited glasses of Chablis at the BLYC bar on the Race & Regatta Governor’s tab… GAYLE FISHER-MULVEY.

In second place, with a very strong showing… DAVE LAWRENCE.

In third place (edging out Don Harris by one point) … DAVID PALIGO.

“Home Alone” Regatta – 2020

Something to Occupy our Time While Social Distancing...

Join us Tuesday evenings on the BLYC Facebook Page for our first ever “Home Alone” Regatta – an hour of sailing trivia, rules quizzes, etc. with your fellow Buckeye Lake sailors.


View/Download the Notice of Race below

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