Did You Know…

From 1978 through 1983, Commodore Howard “Whitey” Limes (1972) served BLYC as it’s Historian. During that time, Commodore Limes frequently contributed articles to the monthly Log of historical interest. Several are reproduced here. An attempt is being made to reproduce as many of these as possible, as time permits. Check back frequently.

History of the BLYC Burgee

Commodore Limes describes the original Club burgee and the adoption of our current burgee. P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1979
End of an Era Reflections of Commodore Limes on the final departure of Commodore Armstrong and his boat Josy from the Club, forever. P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1980
How BLYC became a member of I-LYA How did an inland Club of “Stump Skippers” come to be a member of the “Big Water” Sailors’ Inter-Lake Yachting Association? … In a very interesting
P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1980
How Buckeye Lake Got it’s Name A brief history of the lake and how it came to be known as “Buckeye Lake” as it is
P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1980
Who was Commodore Fifty Years Ago? Recogntion of Commodore Sidney N. Lord on the 50th Anniversary of his service as
Commodore of BLYC
P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1980
A Short History of the Buckeye Lake Snowball A brief history of the Snowball Regatta through the early 1980’s P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1981
Islands in Buckeye Lake A description of the various islands in Buckeye Lake P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1981
Sayre Brothers Marina Before BLYC was in existence, there was a Sayre Marina P/C Howard “Whitey” Limes, 1982