How BLYC Joined I-LYA

How and When did BLYC become a Member of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association?

Commodore Whitey Limes – February, 1980

How and when Buckeye Lake Yacht Club became a member of the Inter Lake Yachting Association?

A long time ago and in a very interesting manner.

In preparation for the formation meeting of B.L.Y.C., the leaders of the organizing group had contacted many prominent people in the Lake Erie area. Among those contacted was one, Dr. J. P. McGinnis, Past Commodore of the Maumee River Yacht Club. Dr. McGinnis, in response to the enthusiasm of the organizing group, sent them copies of his club’s Constitution and By-Laws and a copy of an Inter Lake Yachting Association “Manual”, and other information pertinent to such clubs and their organizations.

Armed with all this valuable information, Buckeye Lake Yacht Club was duly formed and organized and proceeded to function as a Yacht Club. On 23 September, 1906, at the Annual Meeting, Charles D. Lynch was elected Commodore.

In December of 1906, Commodore Lynch and a committee from BLYC barged (or maybe attended is a nicer word) into the fall meeting of ILYA, applying for membership in the organization of “Big Water” sailors. Such a request from an Inland Lake group of Skippers was unheard of, especially from the “Stump Skippers” of BLYC.

While the members of ILYA genuinely admired BLYC’s enthusiasm, unfortunately under an existing rule which was established in 1890, and which said, no Club off it’s wide open and connecting waters could be a member of ILYA. All seemed lost as far as BLYC was concerned.

At this point, ILYA’s good old Commodore George Worthington of CYC arose to defend BLYC’s proposal. On a map of Ohio, he pointed out how Buckeye Lake was connected to Lake Erie at his hometown of Cleveland, by way of the Ohio and Erie Canal.

That ended the controversy. BLYC was admitted as a full-fledged member of Inter Lake Yachting Association. Commodore Lynch was asked to represent BLYC on the Association’s Board of Directors. The first inland club to do so.

BLYC has had two of it’s Past Commodores progress thru the “Chairs” of ILYA to the office of Commodore. The first being E. T. Wolfe in December 1936. The second being G. Schell in December 1974.

Editor’s Note: Not only was Commodore Lynch asked to serve on I-LYA’s Board of Directors (now known as the Board of Trustees), he was elected to the office of Rear Commodore in 1909 and Vice Commodore in 1910. It is not known why he did not progress on to the office of Commodore. Over the years, several members of BLYC have held office in I-LYA. For a list of those known at this time, CLICK HERE. (SGH 2008)

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