Home Alone Regatta – April 14, 21, & 28

April 14 – Week One of our first ever “Home Alone” Regatta was, by all accounts, a success.  We had a bit of a learning curve using Facebook to answer the 22 questions, questions, but overall it went quite well with 11 participating “skippers” and, for most of the evening it was tight “race.” Congratulations go to Gayle Fisher-Mulvey who took “line honors” for the evening and is off to a strong lead!

April 21 – Week Two was a great night for Everyone. Again, P/C Gayle Fisher-Mulvey dominated the competition. Although she has a commanding lead, the competition is still tight with a tie for Second place and Fourth place just one point behind them. We
had a lot of fun again this week with our “Home Alone” Regatta. 

We had several participants and some more members who were following along just to learn.

April 28 – Week Three After 20 tough questions from our PRO, the Champion of the Inaugural BLYC “Home Alone” Regatta…

Winner of the respect of all BLYC sailors and unlimited glasses of Chablis at the BLYC bar on the Race & Regatta Governor’s tab… GAYLE FISHER-MULVEY.

In second place, with a very strong showing… DAVE LAWRENCE.

In third place (edging out Don Harris by one point) … DAVID PALIGO.