Cardboard Boat Races



Due to current social distancing requirements, we have canceled this event for 2020.

SEE YOU IN 2021!

Join your fellow BLYC “Yachties” for the First Annual Cardboard Boat Race

Rules and Regulations for the construction of your boats and racing are posted below


2020 Cardboard Boat Race Rules

 The entire boat must be built of cardboard.

Cardboard may be as thick as you want and may be layered together.

Cardboard carpet tubes or similar tubes may be used. “Sono-tubes” or any other type if pre-treated or coated cardboard that has been processed in such a way as to waterproof the cardboard may NOT be used, .

Duct tape, masking tape, wood glue, or contact cement may be used. Metal or plastic staples, clamps, nails, screws, etc, may NOT be used.

Boats may be painted with a water based paint or water sealer, like Thompson’s Water Seal Stain. All paint and stain must be dry before the boat enters the water. Tar, wax, silicone, fiberglass resins, epoxy glues, or Styrofoam are prohibited.

Raft style designs may be used, but surfboard-style designs may NOT!! The distinguishing features of a raft design over that of a surfboard is the use of connected cardboard logs.

100% of the crew members must be inside or on top of your boat. Where the crew sits may not be enclosed. The boat crew must be able to get IN and OUT of the boat easily.

The propulsion system may NOT be motor power or kick power. Any oars or paddles may be made out of any material.

No electrical power sources will be allowed on any boat once in contact with the water.

If there is any doubt about the construction, the judges reserve the right to use a probe, such as an ice pick, to test and verify that only cardboard has been used, check out San Diego water damage restoration. Construction violations discovered during any part of the day shall be cause for elimination.

Life Jackets MUST be worn during the race.

Each team is responsible for disposing of their boat after the race.

Only the pilots and one crew member will be allowed on the dock prior to the start of the race.