The BLYC Auxiliary, founded in October 1940, has evolved over
the years to encompass members, their spouses, partners, and family.
Our primary purpose is to support the Club through improvements of the
facilities and foster the growth of BLYC community spirit.

Over the years, the Auxiliary has generously donated towards
or fully funded a number of improvements to the Club, including:

Annual Sponsorship of the BLYC Children’s Christmas Party

Annual support of the BLYC Youth Racing Team

Annual maintenance of landscaping on the island

Replaced the Dining Room Carpet (2017)

Purchased a new carpet cleaner for the Club (2016)

Purchased carpet for the Cupola lounge, stairs, and entryway (2016)

Donation towards new security cameras and dvr for the Clubhouse (2015)

Donation towards purchase of new pool bar grill (2015)

Donation of new speakers and sound system for the pool area and front porch (2015)

Donations to the Josh Daniels Recovery Fund (2014/15)

Donation towards the 2014 Ladies Room Renovation

Purchase of Outdoor Umbrellas & Stands for the Pool Area and front Patio (2014)

Financial & Fundraising support of 2014 I-LYA Commodore, Steve Harris (2014)

New Poolside Tables & Chairs (2011)

Purchase of new Bar Stools (2010)

Replacement of the Handicapped Lift (2008)

Contributed to the 2007 Dining Room Renovation

Complete Overhaul of the Plantings on Watkins Island (2006)

Purchase of new Furniture for the Commodores’ Lounge (2006)

Purchase of new French Doors between the Fireplace Room and the Bar Area (2005)

Redecorating of the 1st Floor Ladies Room (2005)

Purchase of new rocking chairs for the front porch (2005)