Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions/Good Things to Know are provided to help you enjoy the Club and our activities. Should you have any additional questions, please contact the Club Manager at (740) 929-9941 or via the “Contact” menu above.

How do I contact BLYC?

Mailing Address:

5019 North Bank
Watkins Island
P.O. Box 867
Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008


(740) 929-9941

Internet/Social Media

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When should I contact BLYC?

Contact the Club to make a reservation for dinner or a party. Reservations significantly contribute to our efforts to provide you with the level of prompt and quality service that you should expect in a private club environment. Just like a host preparing for a dinner party at home, it is very helpful to know how many guests are coming and when they will arrive.  Your consideration is greatly appreciated in making reservations whenever possible.

Also, be sure to contact the Club with change of address information, billing questions, or with the names of any potential new members you would like to share.

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What days and hours is the Club open?

Please refer to the Hours of Operation page under “Gob’s Mess” for the current hours of operation.  Your monthly Log and the weekly e-News will provide additional information on periodic changes to the normal schedule.  Generally speaking, the Club is open Wednesday through Sunday, year-round.

Should weather or other circumstances necessitate the closing of the Club, that information will be shared on our Facebook and Twitter.

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Can I bring guests to the Club?

You are welcome to bring your guests to join you at the Club.  BLYC is a fun place to be and we want you to share it with your friends, especially those who would also be good members of the Club.  However, as a private club, members pay dues that help with the Club operation and, as such, there are restrictions on guests.  Your spouse or recognized significant other has unlimited guests privileges at BLYC, as do your minor children.  Other guests are limited to three (3) visits per calendar year.

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Can I hold a private event at the Club?

Yes, as an active member, you are entitled to utilize the Club for your private party.  The Club is available for events from small luncheons to business meetings to large weddings and class reunions.  More information about hosting your event, and the facilities available, on the Private Parties page.

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How will I get to know other members, and how will they get to know me?

One of the primary reasons that people join a private club is to meet other people with common interests and activities. The friendship and camaraderie of BLYC is one of its strengths. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to any member that you encounter – we were all new members ourselves at one time. And… don’t be surprised if members introduce themselves to you.

During the application process, applications and photos of potential new members are posted on the bulletin board in the bar area. Odds are good that other members will recognize you from the application process.

Our special events and parties are an ideal time to share a meal and fun activities with your fellow members and get to know them. Wednesday and Friday evenings are popular times at the Club as well. Come on out and be a part of the FUN!

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Who are the Board of Governors? What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Governors is responsible for managing the budget and overseeing day-to-day operations of the Club.  The Board is composed of members like yourself who ran and were elected during the Porch Picnic in September. They are volunteers and serve a two-year term.

The Board consists of nine members.  Three are the “Flag Officers” – the Commodore, the titular head of the organization for his/her one-year term; the Vice Commodore, typically the Commodore the following year; and, the Rear Commodore. In accordance with yachting tradition, their flags fly on the nautical mast & yardarm in front of the Clubhouse during the summer months.

Six other Governors also serve on the Board. Each Board member has an equal representation and vote in decisions affecting the Club operation.  Additionally, the Governors, along with the Vice and Rear Commodores, serves in a specific role of responsibility.  These roles are typically…

Bar & Kitchen House & Grounds
Communications Junior Training
Docks & Rentals Membership
Entertainment Race & Regatta

One member is selected by the Board to serve as Secretary/Treasurer who chairs the Finance Committee and reports on behalf of the accounting firm retained by the Club.

The Board of Governors holds monthly meetings typically on the evening of the 2nd Thursday of the month.  The Board of Trustees typically attend this meetings as well.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of Past Commodores of the Club (there are no “former” Commodores – once a Commodore, always a Commodore) They advise the Board of Governors and serve primarily in a fiscal oversight role for the five years following their active term as Commodore.  The most senior Trustee is referred to as the “Head Trustee.” A Past Commodore’s flag is also flown in front of the Clubhouse along with the other Flag Officers’ flags.

Photos of the current Boards of Governors and Trustees are located in the Fireplace Room.  Photos of former boards, along with other notable leaders in BLYC history, hang in the Commodores’ Lounge.

The Board of Governors actively deal with a number of issues that affect our Club and you as a member.  They welcome your input and suggestions.  You may send your comments to the Club, or contact any board member through the “Contact” pages on this site

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What is the Log? What is the e-News? Is the Club active on Social Media?

The Log is the monthly, printed newsletter of the Club which shares information about upcoming events and activities at the Club.  You should receive your first copy with your new member packet and then every month thereafter. Please contact the Club if you are not receiving your monthly Log . If you prefer to receive the Log electronically in lieu of a printed copy, you can request that option by clicking HERE.  A recent member benefit authorized by the Board of Governors is that we now offer advertising in the Log to member-owned and operated businesses.  This is not only a service to those members who advertise, but also so that members can choose to do business with other Club members as well.

In addition to the Log , BLYC sends out a weekly e-mail newsletter, the e-News. This is an “opt-in” mailing list and is only used for the weekly e-News and, when necessary, messages of a critical nature (club closing, cancellations, emergencies, etc.) A signup form is available in the right-hand sidebar of the website for your convenience.  If you later wish to opt out of the e-News, you can do so by following the links in the footer of the e-News you receive.

The Club also utilizes social media for communications, currently Facebook & Twitter. Please Like and Follow us for the latest information.

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As a member of BLYC, can I visit other yacht clubs?

Yes.  We enjoy reciprocity with a number of other yacht clubs around the Lake Erie region and beyond.  BLYC is a member of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association which consists of nearly 150 other yacht, sailing, and boating clubs in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and Ontario.  A complete list of member clubs can be found on their website.  We are also a member of the Yachting Club of America which offers reciprocity at many clubs across the U.S. and beyond.  A book listing all of the YCA clubs is available for your review at the BLYC bar.  Or you can contact the Club office for information.

When visiting other Clubs, it always a good idea to contact them in advance to inquire about restrictions and rules specific to their particular Club.  Please keep in mind that reciprocity is a privilege extended to our members and that, as such, you are a guest of their Club, subject to their rules, and representing BLYC.

  • Depending on what activities they may have going on, reciprocity may be limited or not available.
  • Some clubs may require a letter of introduction from BLYC indicating that you are an active member in good standing.  This can be obtained by contacting the BLYC office.
  • Some clubs may allow (or require) that you charge and that bill will be sent to BLYC and billed to your in-house member account.
  • Always carry your BLYC membership card with current dues sticker.
  • Different clubs have different rules regarding reciprocity, dress, etc.

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What is the BLYC Auxiliary and what do they do?

BLYC was originally an all male club.  Members wives and first mates first began receiving guest privileges and becoming more involved in life at BLYC during and immediately following World War I.  Soon thereafter, a “Ladies Committee” was formed which later evolved into the Ladies’ Auxiliary, officially founded in 1941.  Women were finally granted full membership in 1997 and the group is today known as simply the BLYC Auxiliary.  Open to spouses and significant others of all members, the purposes and functions of the Auxiliary remain the same.

The Auxiliary meets once a month, April through December, and plans activities that support the Club socially, financially, and in-kind.  The primary focus of their support is in the beautification of our Clubhouse and grounds.  Fundraising being a primary activity, the Auxiliary operates the showcase in the club entry where you can purchase BLYC clothing and other logo items.  These funds are used for enhancements as selected by the Auxiliary and approved by the Board of Governors.  Annual activities sponsored and supported by the Auxiliary include:

  • Childrens’ Easter Egg Hunt
  • Buckeye Lake “Trunk or Treat”
  • Children’s Christmas Party
  • Support of the BLYC Junior Sailing Team

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Auxiliary online.

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What are the various areas of the Clubhouse and grounds used for?

 The Fireplace Room

The Fireplace Room is the main room of the Clubhouse.  Most of our parties and large events occur primarily in this space.  Other events that usually occur here include Sunday afternoon euchre tournaments, OSU football “tailgate” parties, and the Annual Speaker Series.  It was originally the lounge area of the club and where members would meet and socialize.  Some highlights of this room include plaques recognizing all of the Past Commodores of BLYC around the ceiling of the room, portraits our our current Commodore and board members, a membership roster, plaques recognizing members who have received BLYC’s highest recognitions – The Heber Yachtsman Merit Trophy (Yachtsman of the Year) and “The Gussie” (the Gustav Schell Award for exemplary service), the BLYC Trophy Case, past and current Auxiliary officers, and, of course, the large brick fireplace which is the highlight feature of the room. This room is also available for private events.

“Gob’s Mess”

Gob’s Mess is the traditional name for our bar area.  Originally the only dining area in the Clubhouse, it now primarily serves as our bar and, perhaps, the primary area in which members socialize. (CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of the origin of the name)  In 1996, the Club expanded the kitchen and remodeled Gob’s Mess.  It now includes a replica classic wooden boat bar top made of Honduran mahogany donated by Bud & Zenna Sayre, proprietors of the historic Sayre’s Brothers Marina, and beautiful etched mirrors depicting the footprint of Buckeye Lake and historical activities at BLYC.  Like the Fireplace Room, the bar area is paneled with rare, no longer available, wormy chestnut paneling.

The Dining Room

Originally a porch on the west side of the Clubhouse, the Dining Room was enclosed in 1925 and has served that purpose ever since.  It features a “sunroom” decor and was completely remodeled in 2008.  Without question, the BLYC Dining Room offers the best views of any place to dine on Buckeye Lake.  The Dining Room is always primarily for member use and not available for private events.

The Commodores’ Lounge

Like the Dining Room, the Commodores’ Lounge, on the east end of the Clubhouse, was also originally a porch.  Enclosed in 1974, it serves a number of purposes today.  It is the main lounge area of the Clubhouse and, although the name may suggest otherwise, it is open to all members.  It is named in honor of our Commodores, not as an area restricted to them.  It is a place to relax, play cards, have small meetings and get-togethers, etc.  True to its name, the Lounge features historical photos of many of the past boards of the Club, some of our earliest Commodores, BLYC “50-Year” Commodores, BLYC members who have gone on to also serve as Commodore of I-LYA, a replica of the original BLYC burgee (quite different than that we employ today), and other historical items and photos.

The 2nd Floor

In the early years of the Club, the upstairs was used primarily as a locker room and transient sleeping quarters for members visiting the Club on weekends.  There were also caretaker’s quarters upstairs as well.  Through the years, these rooms were phased out and most of the upstairs was cluttered storage.  Beginning in 2016, a group of member volunteers began a project to repurpose this space for member use.

The Cupola Lounge

Completed in early 2017 and dedicated on February 11, 100 years to the day after completion of the original upstairs rooms, the Cupola Lounge highlights what is perhaps the greatest architectural feature of the Clubhouse – the Cupola.  The space provides a small seating area for relaxing and socializing and a “stand up” cocktail area under the Cupola.  The entire space features historic photos and memorabilia of BLYC’s rich, 100+ year long history.  One interesting note in particular is that the chairs in the lounge are the same lounge chairs that were used in the Fireplace Room of the Clubhouse as early as the 1930’s.  This space is also available for private events.

The Library

Named for Commodore Steve Harris (2005), and dedicated to all BLYC Historians past & future, the Library was his brainchild to provide not only a space to display historic photos, memorabilia and artifacts for members’ enjoyment, but also to provide much needed meeting space in the Clubhouse.  The Library offers a quiet place to read, relax, socialize, and learn about BLYC’s history while enjoying stunning views of the lake from it’s second floor vantage point.  The Library – 100% member-funded with all work was completed by member volunteers – was dedicated on September 11, 2016.  There are numerous items of historical significance on display, most pertaining directly to BLYC.  One item of particular interest, however, came not from the Club, but from a neighboring property.  In the early 20th century there were several cottages built over the lake in the vicinity of the Club.  Only one, the Dye-Hein Cottage, survived past the 1920’s.  It, however, was demolished in 2016 as part of the dam remediation.  The french doors that adorn our Library’s entrance from the Cupola Lounge, original from 1905, were salvaged from the Dye-Hein Cottage.

The Juniors’ Lounge

Also located on the 2nd floor is a space dedicated for the use of our youth at BLYC.  Juniors and boating activities for them have long been a focus of the Club, this lounge area is provided to give them their own space in the Clubhouse to socialize with their peers.  This area is restricted to juniors 13-years old and older.

The Front Porch & Patio

One of the best features of the BLYC Clubhouse is, without question, the front porch.  Originally a wrap-around porch on three sides, the west and east porches were later enclosed.  However, the front porch still offers some of the best views on the Lake.  As a place to dine, or just to relax, the porch is the place to be in the summer months.  Many of our summertime parties focus around the porch with dancing on the patio and live entertainment on the bandstand deck.

The Pool Area

First opened in 1987, the pool offers a great benefit to BLYC members.  The pool deck and pool bar were added in the 1990’s.  Open from Memorial Day through early September, and enjoyed by youth and adults alike, the pool is the place to be in the summer months.  The pool bar offers grill food and drinks throughout the day.  Please bear in mind that, while you are welcome to bring your guests to the pool as well as to dine in the Club, the pool is provided for member use and the usual restrictions on guest privileges still apply.

Eastport and other “off-site” areas

In addition to our property on Watkins Island, the Club also owns a 75-slip boatyard known as Eastport, just 1/4 mile east of the Clubhouse on S.R. 79.  This area, purchased in the early 1980’s, also features a 38-slip marina and docking and boat storage facilities for the junior sailing program.  Unfortunately, due to the dam remediation project, these docks are currently inaccessible.

The Club also owns its paved parking lot just off S.R. 79 and approximately 1.5 acres of unpaved “overflow” parking adjacent, along with 2 rental properties facing 79.

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What is Work Day?

 As the seasons change, there is much to do to transition from in-season activity to off-season activity at BLYC.  Twice each year, members get together to perform the necessary tasks to make these changes.  Typically, Spring Work Day is the 3rd Sunday in April and Fall Work Day is the 3rd Sunday in September.  There are tasks available for all skill levels and it is on these days that the Clubhouse gets its semi-annual “deep cleaning” to help keep things fresh and vibrant around the Club.  In addition to giving back to the Club, Work Day is also a great time to meet other members and enjoy the camaraderie of the Club.

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What are the Annual Meeting and Semi-Annual Meetings?

Twice each year, the Board of Governors and the general membership meet to review the Club budget, discuss Club business, and vote on pertinent issues.  At these meetings, the board and committees report on the state of the Club and current activities and the members are given the opportunity to bring issues forward for the good of the Club, or to call for discussion on matters to be considered by the board and membership.

The Annual Meeting is typically held on the 3rd Sunday in September.  This date corresponds with our Club elections and the free porch breakfast provided by candidates running for the board.  The meeting starts at 2:00 pm, after election balloting has concluded.  This meeting culminates with the successful candidates for the board being announced, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore selections (as voted by the board), and Governor assignments for the coming year.

The Semi-Annual Meeting is typically held the 1st Sunday in May.  This meeting also starts at 2:00 pm.  The budget year (to date) is reviewed and plans for the coming season discussed.

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When will I be billed for my annual dues?

The fiscal year of the Club runs from September 1 through August 31.  However, the “membership year” begins in March.  You should receive an invoice in early January for dues and other membership fees.  Your prompt payment is very much appreciated.

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When does the pool and the pool bar open?

Depending on weather, the pool and pool bar usually open the Friday before Memorial Day each year.  It remains open throughout the summer months, usually closing in mid-September.

The pool bar (and grill service) is generally available Wednesday through Sunday.  However, specific days, dates, and hours are determined by the Bar & Kitchen Governor and Club Manager.  Please refer to the Hours of Operation on the website for up-to-date information

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What is the Classic Boat Regatta?

Started in 1981 as  part of the Club’s 75th Anniversary Celebration, the Classic Boat Regatta is traditionally one of the most popular events of the summer season.  This event is a tribute to our heritage of powerboating and is usually held in mid-August.  An incredible collection of classic wooden boats from across the midwest are on display and a spirited contest for prizes takes place.  This event is open to the public.

More information on the Classic Boat Regatta is available by clicking here.

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What is the Snowball Regatta?

The first Snowball Regatta – our “Club Invitational” – was first held in October of 1946.  This annual event attracts sailors, in a variety of classes, from all over Ohio.

More information on the Snowball Regatta can be found by clicking here.

A brief history of the Snowball Regatta can be found here.

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What activities take place at BLYC on Holiday weekends?

Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff weekend of summer at BLYC.  Generally, the pool opens that Friday, the Grand Opening Pool Party takes place on Sunday afternoon, and the Club begins its summer hours.  Other features of the weekend include the annual BLYC Junior Sailing Hog Roast Fundraiser on Sunday evening, and the Commodore Edward C. Metzgar Long Distance Race on Monday.

July 4th weekend is a highlight of the summer season all around Buckeye Lake.  Activities are planned throughout the weekend including fireworks over the lake, typically on the 3rd.  The 4th itself, however, is a full day of fun and enjoyment at the Club.  The day typically begins with the BLYC Junior Sailing Pancake Breakfast followed by the kickoff of our Independence Day celebration with a formal flag raising ceremony by the Board and Past Commodores of the Club and patriotic music.  A porch picnic and the Commodore Earl O. Williams Long Distance Race follow.  The Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association‘s annual 4th of July Boat Parade usually passes Watkins Island mid-afternoon and BLYC is a prime viewing spot.  As always, check your Log for the latest plans for the weekend.

Labor Day weekend typically heralds the end of the summer season at the lake, but in season activity at BLYC continues for a few more weeks thereafter.  Labor Day brings our 3rd and final long distance sailing race of the season, the Commodore Dwight R. Haggard race which usually followed with a fun day at the pool and a porch picnic.

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What is the Speaker Series?

Began in 2012 by Commodore John Sproat (1996), the annual Speaker Series affords not only an opportunity for members to get together at the Club in the winter months, but also a chance to hear some exciting and very informative speakers on a variety of topics.  Thursday evenings, January through March, the Speaker Series has grown to be a highlight of the off season at the lake.  Past topics have included the America’s Cup, Home Brewing, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, History of BLYC, Healthy Living, National Security, Climate Change, the Civil War, and much, much, more.

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What are some of the other activities that occur at BLYC?

The Club typically has a full schedule of activities throughout the year – both social and boating-related.  In addition to the ones discussed above, the following tend to occur annually.  For more information, please click on the links below or contact any member of the board or any Past Commodore.  They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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What is the current BLYC Non-Discrimination Policy?

It is the policy of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club to conduct all aspects of its operations including membership, employment and procurement matters without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, veteran or military status, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

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Prepared by Governor Dave Stewart, 2006
Updated 5/2008 (SGH)
Updated 4/2013 (SGH)
Updated 2/2018 (SGH)