SOS – Spring Series – Sunday, May 31

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Temperature: 68°F
Humidity: 40%
Wind: NE 9 knots, gusting to 15-18
Course S-1-2-F (Windward/Leeward)


Big Girl #8492
Fair Wind #836
Reflection #70
Rosebud #15708
Amarillo #766
Runaway #1049
Wind Blown #67
RS Zest (Junior Race Team)

Congrats to Chuck Bendig, s/v Big Girl, on winning the first race of the day on corrected time and taking home the “Rabbit Flag” this week.

A great day of club racing on Buckeye Lake!  Perfect temperatures and wind conditions.  This was an amazing way to start the season with 8 sailboats going to the start line.  All three races went by with a whirlwind of activity.  We had to ask the RC which direction we were starting as the winds were very shifty and the fleet was unsure.  The RC did an outstanding job of setting the course given the conditions.

We need to be thankful that BLYC was able to hold these races as many yacht clubs are on lockdown, limited by social distancing, number of crew allowed on a boat, or minimized schedule due to COVID-19.

Our PRO (Principal Race Officer) Steve Harris has developed a new, online scoring system for BLYC racing.  Corrected times, finish places, and points post within 5-10 minutes of the end of the race.  The race results and corrected times are posted below.

to view the full series results online