Commodore Dwight R. Haggard Long Distance Race

Date: Monday, September 7 – Labor Day
SW 15-18 with 20+ gusts
Temperature: 81 °F
Course: S-1-2-F (Long Distance Windward/Leeward)

The Race: At the skippers meeting, Race Committee and our PRO announced a change to NoR’s that we are required to go through the Start/Finish on the downward leg, this is to be able to shorten the course if necessary. With today’s winds we knew this would not be a problem. Both of the course markers were set in the middle of the lake around 9:30 am but by race time the wind had taken the windward mark and blew it about 80 yards from the north shore, it had blown the leeward mark towards shore so RC went out and reset that mark. There were concerns about a political parade that might cause interference with our race, and with 7 boats entered, RC gave us a great (long) start/finish line and the race was started right on time.

Post-Race Commentary: Almost all the teams were celebrating on the YC porch. The word is spreading about our Sail-On-Sunday and Long-Distance races and we feel great that more new skippers & crew have joined in on the sailing and racing FUN this year.

Congratulations go to Team Alberg with winning the Commodore Dwight R. Haggard Labor Day Long Distance Race and Trophy.