RRS – Post #10 – “Grab Bag” 2

Often, we focus our rules discussions only on Part 2 of the rules – “When Boats Meet.”  This winter, I plan to explore the rules of Part 3 – “Conduct of a Race.”  They may appear to only matter to the Race Committee, but they have significant importance to the racing sailor too.  

– Steve Harris, US Sailing National Race Officer

Rules 34 & 35 ...

This is another “grab bag” of other rules in Part 3.  Each of their own importance, but not necessarily long enough for their own post.  They have consequences for racing sailors but, generally, don’t require a long discussion.

Rule 34 - Mark Missing

If a mark is missing or out of position while boats are racing, the race committee shall, if possible,
  1. replace it in its correct position or substitute a new one of similar appearance, or
  2. substitute an object displaying flag M and make repetitive sound signals.


Rule 35 - Race Time Limit & Scores

If one boat starts, sails the course and finishes within the time limit for that race, if any, all boats that finish shall be scored according to their finishing places unless the race is abandoned. If no boat finishes within the race time limit, the race committee shall abandon the race.