Racing Rules Weekly Quiz

Each week this season, we will offer a “quiz” question regarding the Racing Rules of Sailing.  Read the scenario below, formulate your answer, then move your mouse over the box to reveal the correct answer.

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This Week's Question

Red and Green are sailing upwind. Red asks permission to cross, and Green replies, “cross.” Green then ducks Red. A third boat, not involved in the situation, protests Red for not keeping clear of Green. Which boat(s) should promptly take a penalty?


Neither boat should take a penalty. Red should not be penalized, since she kept clear of Green. A boat is keeping clear if the right-of-way boat (Green) can sail her course. Her course implies the course of her choosing – it specifically does not say proper course. Sailing the course of her choice is accepted as normal behavior because starboard may choose to duck due to tactical considerations or for any reason of her choosing.

This quiz was borrowed from the Inland Lake Yachting Association‘s #FairSailing initiative 
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