Racing Rules Weekly Quiz

Each week this season, we will offer a “quiz” question regarding the Racing Rules of Sailing.  Read the scenario below, formulate your answer, then move your mouse over the box to reveal the correct answer.

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This Week's Question

The race committee displays flag U as the preparatory signal. At the start, several boats are OCS (on the course side of the starting line) including Boat X. The race committee signals a general recall and restarts the race. Boat X starts cleanly and wins the race, but on shore her score is posted as DSQ. She requests redress. You are on the protest committee; should X be scored DSQ? (From Perry, Quiz 51)


The race committee acts improperly when it scores Boat X DSQ. Rule 30.3, U Flag Rule, states that a boat shall not be disqualified under this rule if the race is restarted (see also rule 36, Races Restarted or Resailed). Therefore, Boat X is entitled to redress, under rule 62.1(a), Redress; and it would be reasonable to reinstate her in her finishing position in the race and move the other boats down accordingly (see rule 64.2, Decisions on Redress). Furthermore, the protest committee can call a hearing, under rule 60.3(b), Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action, to consider redress for any other boats that were improperly scored DSQ by the race committee.

This quiz was borrowed from the Inland Lake Yachting Association‘s #FairSailing initiative
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Excerpted from Dave Perry’s100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes, available from US Sailing. For a comprehensive explanation of the rules, read Dave Perry’s Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2024, which is also available from US Sailing.