Walter J. Knapp
“Bringing Up the Rear” Trophy

The Walter Knapp “Bringing Up the Rear” Trophy is awarded annually to the last-place finisher in the annual July 4th Long Distance Race. Although mainly a powerboater himself, Walter enjoyed watching the sailboat races at the Club even into his later years. He made the observation that “the guy in last place was working just as hard as the
guy who won”, and thus decided to donate this trophy recognizing the efforts and dedication of all sailors in the fleet. The trophy went unpresented for a number of years. Any information on finishes in this time period would be appreciated

1974 Fred Schnee
1975 Robert Wachtel
1976 Frank Foster
Jeff Wagner
1977 Fred Schnee
1978 Robert Wachtel
1979 Dave Miller
1980 George Hedges
1981 Don Hardy
1982 Russ Crist
1983 Rick Foster
1984 Jack Jensen
1985 Frank Foster
1986 Jim McBride
1987 Kathy Dressel
1988 Tom Eisert
1989 Bob Kuhn
1991 Don Hardy
2006 Chris Reynolds
2007 Russ Green
2008 Bob Zeiher
 2009 Bob Snow
2010 Wes Cartwright
2012 Steve Goodyear
2013 Don Harris
2014 Corey Jeffries